10 Reasons to build with the SIP system:

  1. Energy efficiency : Passive houses with thermal insulation properties of heat transfer meet the required standard of 120 %.
  2. Dry construction process: This allows construction throughout the year.
  3. You can save 10% to 15% of space for housing because the thickness of the walls of the nasal Europanel is only 170 cm compared to traditional building materials.
  4. Construction period : For an average large house we build the base plate for eight weeks saving you time if you live in an apartment and rent money to finance construction mortgages.
  5. The minimum cost of heating , (100 square meters of living space and recommending heating system) is about 200 € / year!
  6. High Warranty: 60 years on the supporting structure of the house!
  7. Tightness: high accuracy SIP panels ( provide savings and efficiency in the construction of your house).
  8. Tradition: 40 years worldwide use SIP technology, 80 % RD in Canada and 65 % in U.S. houses are built using SIP technology.
  9. Eco - Friendly : low energy in production and transport of materials.
  10. Flexibility : the feasibility of any project.